With Good With Style, our goal is to make our lives count. We wanted a place to organize ideas and inspiration for travel, food, parenting, work, friends, parties, and holidays. We don’t always have the answers so you’ll also see questions—about health, fitness, and emotional wellness. We hope you’ll join the conversation, and that you will share your ideas and experiences because we want to create a community of strong, independent, courageous women who have the courage to change their world for the better.


Emily Anderson is the Creator of Good With Style, a passionate, motivated, style savvy community of women. Emily is an Author, Mom, Brand Consultant and Yoga Teacher and she writes, speaks, and consults regularly on how conscious consumerism in fashion, interior design, weddings, and living is transforming how we view brands, products, and how we plan our weddings, design our homes, and create our lifestyle. She’s the author of Eco Chic Weddings and Eco Chic Home and the forthcoming book Good With Style: A Field Guide to Being A Conscious Consumer. She was formerly marketing director at Martha Stewart, brand manager for Donna Karan. She’s a registered yoga teacher and mother of three. She lives in Philadelphia and can be reached at emily@emilyanderson.com