Good with Style is began with a simple idea–that consumers hold a lot of power with their wallets.

The readers of GWS include industry insiders, press, brand leaders, and consumers–all of whom are interested in making their impact on the world positive and productive.

An ongoing discussion about what it means to be a good consumer and how business can be a force for good, GWS is about building a better world.

We’re all capable of playing a small part in moving this world forward into a positive future so let’s get started.

About Emily

Emily Anderson is the author of Eco Chic Weddings and Eco Chic Home and a former fashion and lifestyle marketing director.

Ten years ago, Emily left her corporate career to write about sustainable style, ethical brands, and mindful living. Emily is a highly-sought after brand advisor who shares her unique insights and expertise about the conscious consumer market. Emily continues to work with brands to find their authentic voice and connect with the rising conscious consumer in an honest, thoughtful, service-oriented way.

Millennials prefer to do business with corporations and brands with pro-social messages, sustainable manufacturing methods and ethical business standards. Forbes Magazine, 2017

Emily’s work has appeared across international media outlets, including Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Apartment Therapy, Lonny and you can buy Emily’s books here: Indie Bound, A Community of Local Bookstores

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