How To Be A Conscious Consumer

Good With Style isn’t about buying your way to being a better person, and my book Eco Chic Weddings, isn’t just about being eco-friendly.  It’s about practicing conscious consumerism, mindful living, and making educated decisions when it comes to planning a wedding, designing a home, and buying your clothes. It’s about following the righteous path, the kinder path, and avoiding what Siddhartha calls “the false path.”

Why Weddings?

Working for Martha Stewart in the early 2000’s, I saw firsthand how difficult the modern wedding experience can be for brides and grooms. I wanted to show people an easier and gentler way to get married–and how being conscious of what you spend your money and time on can have positive results for your life and for the world.

In this crazy time, we need to be more mindful about our motives, are we buying things to fit in, to feel better, or because we’re just following the rules of the game? Believe me I am far from perfect when it comes to frugal living, but that really is the goal. Thanks for being open to new ways to live.


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