Cork Flooring and David Salle’s Brooklyn Home



“It’s a one-of-a-kind property,” says realtor Patty LaRocco in a recent New York Times article featuring the 10,560 sq ft. Brooklyn home of artist David Salle. The home has some interesting features–an outdoor rooftop shower, reclaimed materials, and cork floor tiling. The Quercus cuber (the Cork Oak) is an incredible species of tree,
giving us such a wonderful material and an excellent example of
sustainability in action. The Montado region of Portugal is home to 80% of the world’s cork production, and has
more Cork Oaks than anywhere else on Earth. Portugal has a history of
carefully managing their cork supply with sustainable farming practices, and the Cork ReHarvest program is a leader in redirecting used cork toward recycling programs. A lot of people are putting cork in their homes, are you? When it comes to floor tiles, have you ever considered cork tiling?

Photo: RealCorkFloors


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