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From The Tipping Point To The Sartorialist To Sustainable Living

Living in a big city, I can’t leave my house without seeing something camera-worthy. I’m a little shy about asking strangers if I can take their picture, so I’m glad there are people like The Sartorialist, and photographers like Courtney D’Alesio to capture street fashion. Isn’t it interesting that the real trend starters are often the unsung hero of the fashion scene? Malcolm Gladwell made this point in his book The Tipping Point.

I think for the eco-movement, the tipping point happened sometime in 2006, just before An Inconvenient Truth came out. Which is also when my first book was released, Eco Chic Weddings. To be honest, I never really never thought about becoming a blogger, and I was only interested in becoming an authority in the eco-chic lifestyle category, and to write about it for magazines. But, then HuffingPost came along and decided not to pay writers a living wage and everyone else decided words were cheap.

But I am grateful for the success of my books, and I love the fact that for the past 10+ years, I’ve never compromised my message. Seriously. Which just goes to show, you never know what’s going to happen after we hit the tipping point for whatever cultural trend, because there are an infinite number of other trends reaching the tipping point too–like digital media game-changing the entire publishing world. Which is how I have come to be a blog writer, a book author, and sometimes I even get to be a magazine writer too.¬† So, are there any up and coming sustainable¬†trends you notice out there in the streets?

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  1. C’mon you don’t love cameras taking unattractive angles of you just so you can get across an eco-chic point?
    I most definitely notice the trend towards artists’ foundations partnering with fashion and other commercial arts to keep the late or living artists’ works in the public eye. From Haring to Murakami and beyond, there’s a marked trend.

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