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forget the iphone 5 -- repurpose an apple ipod

Friends, I have crossed another to do off my list. As you can tell, I have several unusual things I want to do which is probably why it takes me so long to get anything accomplished. For example, I’ve had this old iPod hanging around for several years, and when I say several years I mean almost 7 years. Why would I have something like this just sitting around my barely 1000 sq ft apartment, you ask? I just can’t let go of Apple products and packaging–it’s just so pretty. I like the idea of thwarting their kill-date for their awesome gadgets. Plus their labor practices are questionable, to say the very least. (If you havn’t seent the hilarious SNL skit about said labor practice, click here.) Okay, so I made a card holder with a little tape, felt, and a pretty picture from a magazine. It’s a little more homey than the original item, but probably a little more useful in a meta way. And it’s a pretty swank card holder, eh?

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