Food for Thought: 100 Mile Diet


When Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon began writing their book, Plenty, they discovered that most ingredients in an average meal travel a distance that is the same as between Boulder, Colorado and New York City. Thus, the transportation of food across the country from farm to plate is a major contributing factor in the high-levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Smith and MacKinnon spent an entire year eating food produced within 100 miles of their Vancouver
home, and it wasn’t easy. You’re not writing a book, so you probably don’t want to make that much of a commitment. But you can find simple ways to eat local–get more information and ideas that might work for you, and for your wedding, of course, at


This post is a part a series entitled Eco Chic Weddings//Revisited
which expands different wedding planning ideas within each chapter of
my book, Eco Chic Weddings (Publisher: Hatherleigh Press, 2007).


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